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My name is Lance and I am a Private Investigator in Sacramento California.  I have been a private investigator since 2001.  I offers a wide range of services to help individuals and businesses gather critical information. These services include surveillance, background checks, locating missing persons, and fraud investigations. They assist in legal cases by gathering evidence and conducting witness interviews. They also perform process serving, corporate investigations, and security consulting. Specialized services include digital forensics, criminal defense investigations, bug sweeps, and various lookup services such as license plate, reverse phone, reverse email, reverse address, and reverse PO box searches. With their expertise, private investigators in Sacramento ensure thorough and discreet investigations to meet their clients’ needs.

Sacramento Private Investigation Services:

1. Surveillance

Private investigators often conduct surveillance to observe and document the activities of a person or group. This can include following someone to see where they go, who they meet, and what they do.

2. Background Checks

PIs perform background checks to uncover information about a person’s history. This might include checking criminal records, employment history, education, financial records, and more.

3. Locating Missing Persons

Private investigators are often hired to find missing people, such as runaways, lost relatives, or individuals who owe debts.

4. Fraud Investigations

PIs investigate cases of fraud, such as insurance fraud, financial fraud, or identity theft. They gather evidence to prove or disprove claims of fraud.

5. Gathering Evidence for Legal Cases

Private investigators collect evidence to support legal cases, including divorce, custody battles, and civil litigation. They may gather documents, take photographs, or interview witnesses.

6. Process Serving

PIs can serve legal documents, such as subpoenas or court orders, to individuals involved in legal proceedings.

7. Corporate Investigations

Businesses hire private investigators to conduct internal investigations into matters like employee theft, workplace harassment, or breaches of company policy.

8. Digital Forensics

Some PIs specialize in digital forensics, which involves recovering and analyzing data from computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

9. Criminal Defense Investigations

Private investigators assist in criminal defense cases by gathering evidence, locating witnesses, and conducting interviews to support the defense team.

10. Witness Interviews

PIs conduct interviews with witnesses to gather their statements and obtain valuable information that can be used in legal cases or investigations.

11. Bug Sweeps

Private investigators can perform bug sweeps, also known as technical surveillance countermeasures, to detect and remove hidden recording devices or surveillance equipment in homes, offices, or vehicles.

12. License Plate Lookup

PIs can look up license plate numbers to find the registered owner of a vehicle, which can be useful in various investigations.

13. People Search/Skip Trace

Private investigators conduct people searches or skip tracing to locate individuals who are missing or have skipped out on responsibilities such as debts.

14. Reverse Phone Lookup

PIs use reverse phone lookup to identify the owner of a phone number, which can help in locating or identifying individuals.

15. Reverse Email Lookup

Using reverse email lookup, private investigators can find information about the owner of an email address, which can be useful in online fraud cases and other investigations.

16. Reverse Address Lookup

PIs use reverse address lookup to find information about the residents of a specific address, which can aid in various types of investigations.

17. Reverse PO Box Search

Private investigators perform reverse PO Box searches to uncover the identity of the individual or business renting a post office box.


Sacramento Private investigators play a crucial role in gathering information and solving problems for their clients. They use a variety of methods and tools to conduct thorough and discreet investigations, ensuring that their clients have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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